A Trip to the Woodshed

Which of those spankos among us haven’t given at least some thought to a woodshed spanking? I know I read books when I was younger, and there was a certain phrase, “a trip to the woodshed,” the age old classic line. If you got a trip to the woodshed, you got a spanking, whether you actually went to the woodshed or not. 

Jason and I seem to have come full circle, then, it seems. 
He suggested I build “an office shed,” a private place where I could work uninterrupted. With a large family like ours, privacy is scarce and quiet nearly nonexistent. So I leapt at this chance. I needed that quiet space. So I researched. I bought a shed. I hired someone to build it, and decided if we were going to do this, we were going to do it right. We live in a place where the changes of seasons are fierce—cold, snowy winters and hot, humid summers. So I needed something insulated, with electricity, heat, and lighting. 
Jason hinted about the shed serving a dual purpose.
It’s done. We joke that it’s my “she s…

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The Calm After the Storm

Sometimes, the emotional impact of things around me hits me hard. When someone I love is hurting, loses a loved one, or sadness and tragedy strike close to home, it’s difficult for me to deflect the emotions around me. That’s what happened very recently. 
I needed Jason. He knew I did. I knew I did. I did everything I could on my own, managing my own self-care and what I could control, but the weight of empathic emotion grew heavy, and the submissive in me craved being put back in the right headspace. Sometimes I can put myself there. Sometimes, I need Jason. 
I think it’s important for any submissive to note where that line is. Sometimes, when I hear from other submissives, they think that it’s always the job of their Dom/Domme to put them back in a submissive place, to discipline or hold them accountable, to prioritize maintenance or the like. Sometimes, it’s the opposite. Dominants expect their submissives to be able to fully maintain submission without their help. And I have to say,…

The seasonal catch-up

Oh, boy, you guys. First, we were traveling so I couldn't blog. Then, my kids were home from school. I seem to have completely forgotten how to work or do anything like blogging when my kids were home from school. It doesn't help that when they were, they often slept in and I had hours upon hours alone in the morning, but now with various schedules and commitments, they're up super early with me. Again, it's just one of those adjustments. 
Back to school today. Back to work for me. And...I hope, fervently hope, that Jason and I can return to a good check-in routine. As I said before, things are still there. Yesterday, I was getting frustrated with a certain situation, and Jason reached for my hand and gave me four squeezes. That means, "Be a good girl," and it's my last warning before we head into punishment territory. I did heed his warning, and I didn't get punished, but a part of me almost wishes that I had...not intentionally, but I'm feeling t…

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